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7 Facts about Sea Turtles

7 FACTS ABOUT SEA TURTLES: 5 out of 7 Sea Turtles are found in the Philippines. Green; Hawksbill; Loggerhead; Olive Ridley and Leatherback. Sea Turtles cannot breathe underwater. They can only hold their breath for approximately 4-7 hours. (Notice tiny heads of Sea Turtles coming up for air? Aren’t they cute and quite exciting to...
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DID YOU KNOW? “PAGONG” and “PAWIKAN” are not the same

A common mistake of some people is calling Pawikans, Pagongs and vice versa. They may look quite similar and they may be both reptiles, however, both are actually totally different. Let us differentiate the two: Pawikan in English is called Sea Turtle; while Pagong in English is Tortoise. Pawikans have four flippers; while Pagongs have...
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